Hammond’s Candies | Gourmet Variety Pack Marshmallows | 4 Bags, Great for Snacking | Hot Chocolate, S’mores and Homemade…

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The decadence of cocoa and rich chocolate chips
Creamy Vanilla Bean Marshmallows are handmade to perfection
Celebrate a birthday with our handmade Birthday Cake Marshmallow!



For Over 100 Years

The Mile High City of Denver, Colorado, has seen plenty of fine candy manufacturers come and go, but Hammond’s Candies is still alive and very much in business. Carl T. Hammond, Sr. opened Hammond’s Candy Factory with a commitment to quality. Whilst Hammond’s started as a small family business with a loyal local following, we have now grown into an iconic brand with international distribution. Our classic recipes and beloved candy keeps customers coming back.

We’re Committed to The use of

Only the Good Stuff

Made from scratch, we create prized confections by hand. We keep quality and freshness in mind in relation to our ingredients. Our long standing traditional recipes require only the very best quality ingredients. Our small batch candy is crafted with care to verify bite-after-bite of pure, sweet, goodness. In the neighborhood sourced, when imaginable, the ingredients remain simple… Drizzle, dollop, dip an devour, hand pulled perfection that no one can resist.

Carl Hammond’s Vision

We Make the Finest Candy

From a customer’s first interaction with the product packaging down to the very last taste, we pride ourselves on forging unforgettable memories. It’s not just the candy, it’s our factory too, designed to welcome the community into our family and provide unique experiences through tours, birthday parties, and delicious moments. Our inspiration stems from our customers which keeps kids of every age coming back for more!

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