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Glossary for Paper Crafting

Paper Crafting Glossary

Explore the world of paper crafting with our comprehensive glossary, providing concise definitions of essential terms in scrapbooking, card making, and stamping, from adhesive to wax seal, to enrich your crafting knowledge and creativity.

Welcome to our crafting glossary, a handy reference guide for anyone venturing into the exciting world of scrapbooking, card making, and stamping. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting, this glossary offers clear explanations of essential terms used in these creative pursuits. From “adhesive” to “wax seal,” we’ve got you covered with concise definitions that will help you navigate the wonderful world of crafting with ease. Explore these keywords to enhance your crafting knowledge and make your projects even more enjoyable and successful!

Acid-Free: Paper products without harmful chemicals that could deteriorate photos over time.

Acrylic Blocks: Tools used for mounting clear and cling stamps before stamping.

Adhesive: Substances used to stick materials together, such as glue and tape.

Album: A book designed to hold and display a collection of scrapbook pages.

Blending Tools: Instruments such as sponges or brushes used to blend inks or paints on paper.

Brads: Decorative fasteners used in scrapbooking and card making.

Cardstock: Thick paper available in various colors and textures, often used as a base material.

Chipboard: A type of thick cardboard used for adding dimension and durability to projects.

Crop: A social scrapbooking event where crafters work on their projects together.

Die-Cuts: Shapes or designs cut out of paper using a special cutter known as a die.

Die-Cutting Machine: A device that cuts paper or other materials into specific shapes using dies.

Embellishments: Decorative items added to enhance the look of scrapbook pages and cards.

Embossing Powder: A fine powder that is used with a heat gun to create a raised, textured effect on stamped images.

Ephemera: Vintage or collectible items, often paper-based, that have a short-lived or transient nature and are often used for crafting and memory keeping.

Eyelets: Small metal rings used as decorative fasteners in paper crafting.

Heat Gun: A tool that emits heat used to melt embossing powder or to speed up drying time.

Ink Pad: A pad containing ink for use with rubber stamps.

Journaling: The process of adding text to scrapbook pages to describe the pictures and memories.

Layout: The arrangement of photos, embellishments, and journaling on a scrapbook page.

Matting: Framing photos or elements with paper or cardstock to highlight them on a page.

Mounting Tape: Double-sided tape used to add dimension by raising an element off the page.

Patterned Paper: Paper printed with designs, used for decorative backgrounds or elements.

Photo Corners: Small, triangular pieces that hold a photo in place on a page without adhesive.

Punches: Tools that cut out specific shapes or designs from paper.

Quilling: A paper-crafting technique involving rolling strips of paper to create decorative designs.

Ribbon: A long, narrow strip of fabric used as a decorative element in crafting.

Rubber Stamps: Tools with raised designs used to transfer those designs onto paper using ink.

Scoring: The process of creating a crease in paper to make it easier to fold.

Silhouette Machine: A brand of electronic cutting machine that can cut intricate designs out of paper and other materials.

Sketch: A preliminary design or layout drawing used as a guide for creating a scrapbook page or card.

Stamp Pad: An alternative term for an ink pad, often used interchangeably.

Stencils: Templates with cut-out designs used to trace or apply color to a design.

Templates: Predesigned patterns or shapes used to trace or cut out identical elements for multiple projects.

Texture Paste: A medium applied through stencils or with tools to create a dimensional effect on craft projects.

Trimmer: A tool used for cutting paper straight and measuring it accurately, also known as a paper cutter.

Vellum: Translucent paper used for creating a frosted or layered look in crafting.

Washi Tape: Decorative Japanese tape made of paper, used for embellishing projects.

Wax Seal: A decorative and traditional method of securing documents or letters by melting colored wax and allowing it to cool and harden on the closure of an envelope or scroll. Wax seals are often used for both practical and decorative purposes, adding a personal touch or authentication mark to correspondence.

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